Himalaya Confido Tablets full review low price on bd

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Herbal Himalaya Products Confido Tablets

Himalaya Confido Tablets full review low price on bd

Spermatorrhea is a disorder leading to excessive, involuntary ejaculation. People with this disorder may find white sticky discharge along with urine. This disorder may also be an indication of kidney problems.

This ailment of involuntary discharge of semen without sex or orgasm may be caused due to excessive masturbation or sex. It may also be due to an inefficient digestive system and general weakness. It needs to be treated on time, which otherwise may become incurable. When this disorder is aggravated, the semen may get thinner, the genital will become lad and the person may not be able to perform well in bed. He may also lose natural brightness in his face.

But there is nothing to worry about this disorder, as we have a solution at hand by name Himalaya Confido Tablets.

Confido (tablet) is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine and Himalaya Company. It is non-hormonal therapy for people suffering from these diseases. In addition to providing strength, Confido also reduces the anxiety linked with performance and regulates the discharge process.

What are the Ingredients in Himalaya Confido Tablets?

  1. Each Confido tablet contains:
    Ashwagandha (78 mg)
    Kokilaksha (38 mg)
    Vanya Kahu ( 20 mg)
    Kapikacchu – (20 mg)
    Suvarnavang – (20 mg)
    Vriddhadaru (38 mg)
    Gokshura (38 mg)
    Jeevan (20 mg)
    Shaileyam (20 mg)
    Sarpagandha (18.75 mg)

What are the Medicinal Properties of Himalaya Confido Tablets?

Confido has the following medicinal properties:

  1.  Androgenic
  2. Aphrodisiac
  3. Fertility enhancer
  4. Anxiolytic
  5. Antioxidant

What is the Dosage and Administration of Himalaya Confido Tablets?

  1. For Premature Ejaculation – 1 to 2 tablets twice every day for 2 to 4 weeks or till the symptoms are resolved.
  2. Spermatorrhea – 1 tablet twice every day for 4 to 6 weeks or till the symptoms are resolved
  3. Nocturnal Emission – 1 tablet twice every day for 4 – 6 weeks or till you could see improvement

Frequently Asked Questions on Himalaya Confido Tablets

How long Himalaya Confido tablets should be taken?

Though there is no specified period for consuming Confido, it is recommended to take it up to a maximum of 3 months. Confido contains a small quantity of Swarna Vanga, which should not be consumed for a longer period.

How many tablets of Himala Confido should be taken in one day?

It is recommended to take up to 2 tablets per day.

When should I take Confido tablets for early discharge?

It is recommended to take Confido tablets with milk or after heavy meals.

I am diabetic. Is it safe to take Himalaya Confido tablets?

Yes. Confido can be taken. But you are advised to keep 3 hours gap from antidiabetic medicines.

Can I take non-vegetarian food while taking Confido tablets?

Yes. You can take non-vegetarian food. No problem.

Can I have alcohol while using Confido tablets?

It is not recommended to consume alcohol with any ayurvedic medicine. However, it may be safe if you can limit consuming alcohol keeping 3 hours gap from medicine.

I am consuming 2 Confido tablets every day. I am suffering from loose motion. Is this due to the side effect of Confido?

In general, Confido doesn’t cause such side effects. If the loose motion is not due to any other reason, you may deem it that Confido is intolerant to your body due to any of its ingredients. You are advised to consult your physician in such cases.

I am getting headaches, feeling weak, tiredness, and feeling like a loss of energy? Should I have to stop taking Confido tablets?

The symptoms that you have mentioned are likely due to Sarpagandha. If it persists, you should discontinue using Confido immediately. Generally, other ingredients in Confido are not likely to cause weakness or tiredness. These ingredients are effective in treating fatigue, weakness, or physical debility.

However, the effects of medicine may vary from person to person. If you can rule out possibilities of other causes, and sure about getting these symptoms only because of consuming Confido, then you should stop consuming it and consult your physician for remedial measures.


Himalaya Confido is safe for most men. However, those suffering from low blood pressure may have to consult their physician before using this tablet.

Confido contains Rauwolfia Serpentina which is known to lower the blood pressure and may interfere with anti-hypertensive medications.

The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.

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